5 Tips For an Effective Workout From an NYC Trainer

Heesun Kim is a personal trainer on Fyt, the nation’s largest personal training service that makes fitness under the expert guidance of an in-person (or virtual), certified fitness professional convenient and accessible for anyone.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, relieve stress, or simply learn a new skill – here are 5 tips to achieve an effective workout session.

Schedule It

Mark your calendar and stick to it. The American Heart Association recommends ‘150-Minutes of moderate- or 75-Minutes of vigorous-aerobic activity per week’. That’s 10- to 20-Minutes per day. Setting time aside each day for exercise will increase your chance of creating a solid habit while maximizing performance. A great way to fit a workout in your schedule is by testing what time works best for you and sticking to that time. Assess if you feel more energized in the morning, afternoon or evening, and schedule your workouts for the time you feel best.

Pick One Goal

Choose one thing to accomplish in your workout session. Keep it as simple as you need or as challenging as you desire. Creating measurable and attainable fitness goals will help you recognize the progress that is being made. It’s also important to adjust your goals as you monitor your progress. Tracking and continuously adding new goals will help ensure that your workouts remain effective while targeting feasible results. An example of a specific goal is to decrease your running time from 12-Minutes to 11-Minutes 45-Seconds in 16-Weeks.

Food is Fuel

Treat food as nutrients that fuel your body. Plan to consume foods which improve your performance about 1- to 3-Hours before your workout and within 1-Hour after your workout. Expect some trial-and-error to find when & what works for you as each individual has a different metabolism and dietary needs. Eating the foods that make you feel your best has a plethora of benefits. A healthy diet will increase your energy levels, resulting in a productive workout.

Calm Your Mind

Humans have busy lives and a lot of thoughts throughout the day. It’s important to create an environment which sets you up for success. Remove sources of distraction while working out in order to focus on the present. For example, avoid phone use while working out by listening to a playlist and leaving your phone out of reach. Focus on your movements and your breathing. Allow your mind to reap the benefits of moving meditation.

Find Your ‘Feel Good’ Inspiration.

A song. A color. A quote. Turn on your playlist, put on your favorite t-shirt, or even read an inspirational quote to put you in the mood. Stay moving for at least 15-Minutes until your body naturally produces those endorphins – your ‘feel good hormones’. All it takes is finding what will make you feel happy while working out and incorporating it to create a ritual that will help build a successful habit.

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