The ONLY Virtual Training Checklist a Trainer Will Ever Need! 

Virtually Training Clients in the Age of COVID-19

Fyt’s mission is to make fitness and personal training as accessible, convenient and safe as possible. In these uncertain times, we are pleased to introduce virtual training.

  • You and the client are fully insured by Fyt for up to $1MM for all sessions booked and paid for on the site! What?! Yes, you and the client have $1MM in insurance for booking and paying on Fyt.
  • Your profile is automatically enabled for virtual training. 
  • All availability for all trainers has been temporarily removed to allow clients to book with you regardless of timezone, nationwide or even worldwide! When a new client books with you, you’ll simply discuss scheduling with them and book on their behalf directly from your schedule. 

How do I get more clients NOW? 

  1. Revisit your pricing in the age of virtual training. No travel time. No transportation. No extra expense. Most trainers are reducing prices 50-80% from in-home training session rates. Remember, you can always increase your prices once it’s safe to train in-person again.
  2. Optimize your profile – add great photos, add client reviews (send links to reviews to and we’ll get them posted for you ASAP) include a memorable Bio and include all Specialties and Medical Condition Experience. Click here to edit your profile now. 

Your Virtual Training Tech Checklist

  1. Connection. Use Wifi or a wired connection for best performance.  A cellular connection is your last resort. 
  2. Device. Use the largest device screen you can. Preferably a laptop/desktop as those cameras are easiest to adjust and you can see your client the clearest. Use a tablet or a phone if a laptop is not available. ALWAYS have your power cord! 
  3. Speed. Close out of all other apps/browsers prior to the session stat as to help your device operate faster. 
  4. Accounts. Download and create accounts for the most popular video apps. Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger are all free for one-to-one sessions.  
  5. Bluetooth Mic & Headset. We recommend having two to ensure you have a charged backup if something goes wrong. Make sure you have a set that stays in your ear while you’re moving. We really like using this <$20 option from Amazon – it charges super fast and has great performance and battery life – and you can’t beat the price! 

Your Virtual Training Space Setup Checklist

  1. Great lighting. Turn on all the lights and open the blinds. Let as much light in as possible.
  2. Camera Distance. Setup your camera so that your entire body is visible on the screen in your workout/demo area for all activities. Shorter folks will be closer to the camera and taller folks should set up further back. 
  3. Background wall should contrast well with your apparel. Bright clothes against a white wall are a fantastic way to stay visible to the client. 
  4. Apparel that is form fitting is very helpful for clients to see proper form. 

Your Virtual Training Session Checklist

  1. Equipment. Assume the client has no equipment and program accordingly. After the first session, find out what equipment may be available or make some recommendations on items they could purchase for future sessions. 
  2. Demo at a 45 degree angle (diagonal) to the camera to start. This is usually the best angle for clients to get a full view of the movement.
  3. Safety First – review the client’s space for clutter or potential hazards prior to starting the session. Make sure you have the client’s physical address handy in case any emergency happens during the session and you need to call a medical professional or 911 to assist the client. 
  4. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Talking while your client is working out is a great way to keep everyone engaged and motivated. It’s also a very comforting feature in a virtual setting. And we don’t mean just counting client reps here. Keep asking your clients what their perceived effort is. Tell them where they should be feeling the movement. Remind them why they’re working out and how it’s helping them reach their goal. 
  5. Give a high five! Put your hand up to the camera and show your client a little virtual love! 

Fyt Pro Tip – Practice on friends and family before working with paid clients and ask for honest, candid feedback. And always work with one-on-one clients before training partner or small group sessions. 

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