Tampa’s Best Outdoor Gyms

For those who haven’t explored Tampa lately, you really don’t know what you are missing. Extensive renovations to the city’s parks and green spaces means Tampa now sports an outdoor fitness park at every turn. In fact, Tampa has all the natural beauty, outdoor fitness equipment and beautiful weather, without the crowds – we’re looking at you, Orlando! If you are looking for a great outdoor gym in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, here are our favorites.

1. Northdale Park & Recreation Center

Northdale Park and Recreation Center is one of Tampa’s most sought out fitness spots. Known for its clean, easily accessible rec center which includes basketball courts, pickleball courts and free WiFi , Northdale is also home to a great outdoor fitness park. Tennis courts and outdoor volleyball courts offer a great chance to play pick up games with other visitors. The walking trails and available benches and picnic tables round out the outdoor gym offerings, giving you the perfect spot to meet up with a personal trainer and get your sweat on with a great body weight workout.
Northdale Park & Recreation Center, 15550 Spring Pine Dr., Tampa, FL – hillsboroughcounty.org

2. Freedom Park

Freedom Park is located in nearby Pinellas Park, but is worth the drive for its amenities. Home to one of the largest off-leash dog parks in the area, Freedom Park is the ideal spot for both you and your furbaby to get a workout in. The dog park has a generous fenced exercise space, watering holes, and plenty of shade. The people park has walking and running trails as well as covered outdoor fitness equipment stations to make pull- ups, push-ups, dips, squats, box jumps, and other activities a breeze. You can even pause to pay your respects at the Korean War Memorial located at this park.
Freedom Park, 9990 N 46th Street, Pinellas Park, FL – pinellas-park.com

3. Campbell Park

Campbell Park is an outdoor fitness park dream in St. Petersburg. Equipped with football and soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and baseball diamonds, pick-up games are always happening, no matter what time of day you arrive. The Campbell Park pool offers water aerobics and lap swim at designated hours during the morning and evening for low impact workouts. A half mile trail winds through the park past picnic areas and playgrounds, ideal for stopping for a few bodyweight exercises along the way. Campbell Park also features a covered area equipped with several pieces of outdoor fitness equipment for a total body workout without the germy gym.
Campbell Park, 601 14th St., St. Petersburg, FL – stpeteparksrec.org

4. Lake Vista Park

Lake Vista Park in St. Petersburg takes the phrase “outdoor gym” to a whole other level. Like most parks in the area, Lake Vista Park features baseball diamonds, outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and an outdoor community pool. The Lake Vista Recreation Center located onsite offers indoor basketball courts, pickleball courts, and other activities. However, Lake Vista Park’s real asset is their inclusion of both a dog park and an area with outdoor fitness equipment. What looks like a true outdoor gym is a total body workout waiting to happen. Not sure how to work the machines for the best results? Ask your personal trainer to meet you at Lake Vista Park to show you how it’s done.
Lake Vista Park, 1401 62nd Ave., St. Petersburg, FL – stpeteparksrec.org

5. Lettuce Lake Conservation Park

Half of Hillsboro County’s own Lettuce Lake Conservation Park sits on the floodplain of the Hillsboro River. The resulting landscape is a hardwood swamp forest with the remainder of the park made up of hardwood hammocks. A 1.25 mile paved trail and 3,500 foot boardwalk with an observation tower is what really makes Lettuce Lake Conservation Park a natural outdoor gym. Walk, run, blade or ride the trail, climb the observation tower for a stair workout then rent a canoe or kayak for a post-workout paddle. Not only are you guaranteed a great sweat, you are likely to see wildlife as well.
Lettuce Lake Conservation Park, 6920 East Fletcher Avenue, Tampa, FL – hillsboroughcounty.org

6. Julian B Lane Riverfront Park: Outdoor Fitness Equipment Available.

There is always something happening at Julian B Lane Riverfront Park in the heart of Tampa. With an outdoor event space that hosts free concerts all year long, people flock to the Great Lawn in this 25 acre park. When there is not an event happening, the Great Lawn is the ideal outdoor fitness park for push ups, sit ups, flutter kicks and burpees as you walk or run the perimeter trail. With public art featured prominently throughout the park, there is always something to look at. Kayak, canoe and paddle board rentals are available onsite or bring your own and launch from any of the dozens of docs at the park. Riverfront Park also sports two dog parks – one specifically for small breeds and another designated for large breeds so man’s best friend can enjoy the stunning views and light breeze that seems to blow year round.
Julian B Lane Riverfront Park, 1001 North Blvd. Tampa, FL – tampagov.net/parks-and-recreation

7. Copeland Park

The 132 acre Copeland Park is the perfect mix of improved and natural. Featuring a nature trail and freshwater pond, you’ll love to stroll, walk, or run along some of the most extensive improved trails in the area and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Or, stop at the community center for a pick up basketball or pickleball game. Better yet, stop by the community pool for a post-workout dip or enjoy lap swim for a low impact workout. Not sure what to do? Your personal trainer likely has some ideas for turning this natural beauty into your own personal outdoor gym.
Copeland Park, 11001 N 15th St. Tampa, FL – tampagov.net/parks-and-recreation

8. Al Lopez Park

Can’t seem to get to your workout during the day? Al Lopez Park has you covered. The 15 foot wide, 1 mile+ paved trail has awesome lighting and connects with a nature trail through beautifully canopied, wooded areas. It also features a large, fenced-in off-leash dog park so your furry friend can keep you company during late evening workouts. Between the community center and the fitness stations featuring outdoor fitness equipment, you are sure to maximize your workout time, no matter when it happens.
Al Lopez Park, 4810 N Himes Ave. Tampa, FL – tampagov.net/parks-and-recreation

9. USF Riverfront Park: Outdoor Fitness Equipment Available.

If you are a USF student, faculty or staff member (or if you know someone who is) don’t miss the chance to take advantage of a favorite Tampa outdoor fitness park. With outdoor fitness equipment available for rent (with a USF ID card), an 18-hole disc golf course and plenty of trail miles to log, the USF Riverfront Park offers plenty of terrain for a great out-of-the-box workout.
USF Riverfront Park, 6550 E. Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL – usf.edu/student-affairs/campus-rec

Whether you are looking for a change of pace or simply a gym that features outdoor fitness equipment, Tampa is the place to be. From community centers to true outdoor gyms, you only need to look around the corner for the outdoor fitness park of your dreams.