9 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

Last year alone, 54 million American had a membership to a gym. 80 percent of them never used it. Of those that did, half never worked out, but went to the gym to “check out members” or to look for a partner. Statistically speaking, you have fit into one or more of these categories at some point in your life – whether you knew it or not! The truth is, getting in shape is more difficult than most people realize, especially in this day and age of one-size-fits-all workouts. Fortunately, personal training is an easily accessible way to get a great workout anywhere, with or without equipment, anytime you want. Best of all, working with a personal trainer have some very important benefits.

Personal Training Benefit 1: You’ll have more energy

It may sound odd, but if you spend the energy to workout, you will have more energy as a result. In fact, studies1 have found that a walk may be better than a nap for fighting fatigue. This is due, in part, to increased blood flow and circulation. If your brain receives more oxygen than it normally gets sitting behind a desk, you are more likely to stay productive through the mid-afternoon slump. Best of all, finding the best personal trainer for you who can conveniently meet you at your building gym, outdoors or at home for workouts means you will also be more efficient and effective mentally!

Personal Training Benefit 2: You’ll have more confidence

How you perceive your body impacts how you feel about yourself overall. However, we are often discouraged by the lack of progress we see after just a few workouts. The best personal trainer will help you see how your body is changing in form and function, even if the changes are small. You’ll feel your progress before you see it – and that helps to improve attitude and confidence tremendously!

Personal Training Benefit 3: Lower stress

During times of stress our body produces increased amounts of cortisol, a stress hormone. Cortisol is a powerful source of inflammation and has a direct effect on weight gain, especially in the abdominal region. During exercise, our brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins, are released, naturally reducing stress. If your day left you feeling like you wanted to punch something, your personal trainer will show you how to take it out on a punching bag or sweat away the stress with a great at home workout.

Personal Training Benefit 4: You will make better food choices

Personal training goes beyond crafting personalized outdoor workouts or at home workouts. Your new exercise routine will catalyze a lot of new chemical interactions in your brain that help you limit food cravings and resist temptation2 to snack on cookies and chips, but the best personal trainer will help you use food as fuel to have better workouts, better muscle strength, better functional strength, and that trim and toned body you are hoping for.

Personal Training Benefit 5: Better health, greater wealth

The data is indisputable — people who are physically fit and exercise regularly have lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression and make fewer visits to the doctor. The beauty of exercise is that it can reduce the effects of these health conditions and even help prevent them altogether. The healthier we are, the more active and engaged we can be with everything and everyone we love. Interestingly, research3 has also shown that developing a personalized exercise routine with home workouts, outdoor workouts or gym workouts is also correlated with having more money. Social scientists believe this is because exercise creates a growth mindset — that hard work yields results. This carries over to other aspects of a person’s life, especially work, creating opportunities for growth.

Personal Training Benefit 6: No more counting sheep

Exercise is one of the most effective treatments for insomnia4. People who exercise generally fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. When you remain sedentary for most of the day your mind may feel tired, but your body might not. The best personal trainer will help you make sure you are both mentally and physically exhausted at the end of the day. A lack of sleep also stimulates the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which stimulates weight gain, decreases muscle mass and increases the likelihood of osteoporosis. Working out with a personal trainer will help you improve the quality and length of your rest – not to mention looking and feeling better!

Personal Training Benefit 7: The best personal trainer saves you time and helps you reach your goals faster

You can use time to make money, but you can’t use money to buy more time! The best personal trainers understand that your time is crucial. The time that you spend training with a personal trainer will accelerate your progress, allowing you to spend more time at work, on other hobbies or with your family. The right personal trainer’s goal is to find the most beneficial exercises for you, motivate you, hold you accountable – eliminating the need to spend countless hours developing a workout routine for yourself or spinning your wheels with the wrong workout.

Personal Training Benefit 8: The best personal trainer helps you improve your form & reduce your risk of injury

Taking the initiative of investing in personal training is probably one of the most valuable health decisions you will make. The best personal trainer for you will provide professional guidance on how to properly and safely perform exercises. Personal trainers possess an extensive amount of knowledge of physiology and movement mechanics. Performing exercises incorrectly is not only detrimental to your progress but it can also lead to injuries and muscular imbalances. The best personal trainer will conduct assessments prior to formulating a workout program for their clients. This allows a personalized plan to be coordinated specifically for you. Whether you prefer to workout at home, at a gym or do outdoor workouts, the best personal trainers will formulate workouts based on your personal strengths & weaknesses with or without any equipment. The best personal trainer will create a personalized plan, hold you accountable and motivate you allowing you to constantly progress toward your goals, at your pace, in your own environment.

Personal Training Benefit 9: Elevated performance

You might think your current routine is enough and that personal training couldn’t possibly benefit you. The greatest athletes in their lines of work required the best personal trainer to help them excel in their careers. But finding the best personal trainer for you is more than Googling, “Personal trainers near me” and hoping for the best. You need personal training at the hands of a certified professional who understands how to craft the right plan for you – whether you want to workout at home, workout at a park or workout in a building gym.