The Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta

You would think that a city that practically invented buttermilk fried chicken and sweet tea, you’d be hard-pressed to find healthy food. But when it comes to healthy restaurants Atlanta is quickly changing its tune without losing its devotion to southern staples. In fact, healthy places to eat in Atlanta are almost as easy to find as Braves fans.

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: Tassili’s Raw Reality

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
If a raw restaurant seems a little extreme when it comes to healthy food Atlanta knows something you don’t. Tassili’s Raw Reality is the West End’s first raw vegan cafe and has been blowing the scene wide open. From delicious lunch favorites like wraps, salads to something they call “Raw Delectables” – entrees and side dishes so delicious you won’t believe they’re raw – vegan patrons and omnivores alike have flocked to Tassili’s Raw Reality for a taste of something different. The TRR Kale Salad is the signature item on the menu and is found in nearly every wrap on the menu. Kale, red onions, sundried tomatoes and spices are brought together and lightly dressed for the super food punch you are looking for.
Tassili’s Raw Reality, 1059 Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, Atlanta, GA –

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: Gusto!

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
When it comes to healthy restaurants Atlanta does everything with Gusto! This casual restaurants is a choose your own adventure of healthy food. Simply pick your protein from grilled chicken, shrimp, portobello mushrooms, or even fresh avocado. Then choose your style whether it’s wrapped in whole wheat flatbread or topping a bed of organic mixed greens or brown rice. Finally, choose something they call “your Gusto!” This wide variety of sauces and garnishes, veggies and toppings mean you will never get bored with the same old lunch.
Gusto!, Multiple Locations, Atlanta, GA –

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: Venkman’s

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
Housed on an the fourth floor of an old soda bottling plant, Venkman’s is one part lounge, one part designer eatery. With all the charm of a 1920’s speakeasy, Venkman’s specializes in serving up reinvented bar food favorites like burgers alongside healthier favorites like their lemon and garlic shrimp served on a bed of spaghettoni with mussels, preserved lemons and charred tomatoes. Even more surprising than their menu is the lineup of musical acts that grace the stage nearly every night. From unplugged versions of crowd favorites to local bands showcasing original music, Venkman’s is just as much an experience as it is one of the hottest healthy places to eat in Atlanta.
Venkman’s, 740 Ralph McGill Blvd. Atlanta, GA –

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: Vitality Bowls

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
Healthy eating on the go is a challenge, but for Midtown Atlanta, grabbing a fresh, healthy lunch has never been easier thanks to Vitality Bowls. What began as one family’s quest to have a “safe haven” place to eat for their children with food allergies has blossomed into a franchise of healthy fast food spots across the country. Their specialty? The acai bowl, a thick smoothie blend of super foods topped with your choice of toppings ranging from gluten free, organic granola to fresh fruit and seeds. Unlike other acai bowls, Vitality Bowls does not add ice, frozen yogurt or other added sugar or fillers to their mix. Try their signature Vitality Bowl. A blended base of acai, bananas, strawberries and flax seed is topped with organic granola, honey, goji berries, bananas, and strawberries.
Vitality Bowls, Multiple Locations, Atlanta, GA –

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: Table & Main

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
Since we already talked about buttermilk fried chicken, let’s get something straight. If you’re going to indulge in this southern comfort food classic, be sure to do it at Table & Main in Roswell. Known for its devotion to southern favorites, Table & Main creates mouth-watering plates with local, organic, non-GMO ingredients. With vegetable sides like roasted baby beats, Brussels sprouts and mac and cheese made from local organic cheeses, you can rest assured that your indulgence is as healthy as possible.
Table & Main, 1028 Canton St. Roswell, GA –

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: Miller Union

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
In the 1880’s the Miller Union Stockyards occupied an entire city block in Atlanta’s meat packing district. After a fire burned the entire space, it was renovated into an industrial warehouse. In 2009, Steven Satterfield and Neal McCarthy took the rundown building and transformed it into Miller Union as a link between Atlanta’s past and future way of life. Leaning heavily on Southern history and using seasonal ingredients to drive the menu, Miller Union turns out familiar southern favorites prepared in inventive ways. Be sure to start with their house made Charcuterie served with their house made pickles, mustard and grilled bread. Who says healthy places to eat in Atlanta can’t be familiar too?
Miller Union, 999 Brady Ave, Atlanta, GA –

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: True Food Kitchen

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
Even though they are developing a nationwide presence, True Food Kitchen’s two Atlanta locations are turning out some of the best healthy food in the city. Relying heavily on seasonal ingredients, True Food Kitchen’s menu changes from season to season with tons of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. From salads to scratch-made pizza, burgers to bowls, there is something for everyone. Be sure to try the Korean Noodle bowl made with pickled shiitake mushrooms, spinach, heirloom carrots, bean sprouts and toasted sesame dressing on top of sweet potato glass noodles. Not only is this tasty bowl of goodness vegan, it’s also gluten free.
True Food Kitchen, Multiple Locations, Atlanta, GA –

Healthy Restaurants Atlanta: Fresh to Order

Best Healthy Restaurants in Atlanta
Tired of the same old boring salad? Give Fresh to Order a shot at changing the way you look at a pile of greens and things. With locations all over Atlanta, chef Pierre Panos’ vision of bringing fine dining to the masses at casual price points has led to a fast food revolution in the area. Even though the menu includes small plates, larger entrees, sandwiches, and burgers, Fresh to Order’s creativity really comes through in their salads. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation with the Mediterranean – a mixed green salad topped with feta cheese, tomatoes, grapes, grilled onions, and house-made olive salad and dressed with ginger apricot vinaigrette. Go ahead and add the fried calamari for a little indulgence to your day.
Fresh to Order, Multiple Locations, Atlanta, GA –

When it comes to healthy restaurants Atlanta preserves its old south personality and charm! Pair that with the best personal trainers in Atlanta and you have a winning wellness combination!