The Top 9 Outdoor Workout Spots in NYC

When it comes to finding an outdoor gym NYC has you covered. Whether you are searching for the perfect spot to take a walk, jog, workout by yourself, workout with some friends or workout with a personal trainer, a spectacular outdoor exercise park is just around the corner anywhere in the city. Here are some of our favorites (in no particular order).

1. Outdoor Gym NYC: Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2

The best outdoor gym in NYC is actually a park, not a gym. From kayaking to soccer leagues, swimming to biking and running trails, the entire park was designed to get people moving. With movies in the evenings and concerts on a regular basis, there is always something to do at Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 2. With the iconic Brooklyn Bridge as a backdrop and Greenway trails that run the perimeter, you’ll never be at a loss for calisthenics NYC style.
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 2, Brooklyn, NY –

2. Outdoor Gym NYC: Central Park

It’s no secret that Central Park is the place to get your sweat on. What you may not know is that beyond the running trails, there are thousands of ways you can get a workout in at NYC’s largest outdoor exercise park. Go for a swim at the Central Park pool. Play baseball, tennis, handball, or basketball at one of dozens of courts and fields. Rent a boat, paddle board, or kayak and take it for a spin on the lake. Or meet a personal trainer and have a customized workout with the best outdoor fitness equipment Central Park has to offer – your own two feet.
Central Park, New York, NY –

3. Outdoor Gym NYC: Hudson River Park

Going for a walk, run or skate while dodging tourists and cars is anything but relaxing. Fortunately, Hudson River Park starts at Battery Park and can take you all the way up to 181st Street via the Hudson River Greenway. Water fountains and restrooms along the way make it ideal for distance runs, power walks and cycling. Best of all, you can head a few blocks east when you’re done and grab a bite or a smoothie to enjoy on your way home. While this park doesn’t have the same features as Central Park, it is still listed as a popular outdoor gym NYC.
Hudson River Park, New York, NY –

4. Outdoor Gym NYC: Governor’s Island

If you are looking for an active afternoon without the hustle and bustle, Governor’s Island is the perfect spot. Completely car-free and 800 yards (0.73 km) from Manhattan by ferry, you can walk, run or bike your way around the 172 acre island in an afternoon. You can either bring your own bike or rent outdoor fitness equipment there including kayaks to venture just offshore. Or bring bats, balls and gloves and play ball on one of the fields with the Manhattan skyline as your backdrop.
Governor’s Island –

5. Outdoor Gym NYC: The Williamsburg Bridge

Sure, the Brooklyn Bridge gets all the hype as the place for runners, walkers and bikers, but the Williamsburg Bridge is actually the preferred outdoor gym NYC has for real runners. If you’re training for a hilly race or are simply looking for a place to run hill repeats, this is the place for you. With a span of just under a mile and a half, the bridge is the perfect place to meet up with your personal trainer for a personalized sweat session. You can also begin and end at the foot of the bridge in Washington Plaza (George Washington Monument Park) where you can knock out some park bench workout moves.
Williamsburg Bridge –

6. Outdoor Gym NYC: Washington Square Park

By far the best known of the 1,900 public parks in NYC, Washington Square Park is also the favorite outdoor gym NYC has to offer. With the Washington Square Arch on the northern entrance and a large fountain at its center, this park is the perfect backdrop for yoga and meditation. Free yoga classes offered through the parks department are consistent throughout the summer months and the variety of terrain is ideal for a personal training session in the park.
Washington Square Park, New York, NY –

7. Outdoor Gym NYC: East River Park

Right along the East River running path is the East River Park Outdoor Gym. Set up like a playground for adults, is the definition of a park with exercise equipment. The ideal spot to meet a personal trainer for a one-on-one customized workout, East River Park Outdoor Gym has a 400-meter track in addition to access to one of the city’s most desirable running trails. Add in pull up bars, parallel pars, decline benches, and pull up rings, and you have a personal training paradise.
East River Park, New York, NY –

8. Outdoor Gym NYC: Tompkins Square Park

Although Tompkins Square Park is small, (10 acres) it packs a mighty punch. Not just a park, but a legitimate outdoor gym, Tompkins Square Park helps you get some of the best calisthenics NYC has to offer. Not only can you do pull-ups, monkey bars, push-ups, dips, and box jumps in a small space, YouTube recently sponsored the refurbishment of the basketball courts. As a bonus, Tompkins Square Park is the home of New York’s leading dog park with three pet swimming pools, a tree deck, and bath and hose areas so your fur baby can join you for your workout and a little fun afterward.
Tompkins Square Park, New York, NY –

9. Outdoor Gym NYC: Prospect Park

Since the Prospect Park Alliance took over fundraising for this Brooklyn landmark in the mid 1980s, Prospect Park has become the hub of restoration for the area. With baseball and softball diamonds, basketball courts, bicycling trails, boating, fishing, football and yoga classes, there are countless ways to get in shape without ever leaving the borough. Best of all, skating enthusiasts revel in the LeFrak Center at Lakeside offering roller skating and seasonal ice-skating in connecting covered and open rinks. With more than 32,000 square feet of skating surface and a 3.35 mile (5.39 km) loop for inline skaters, you can rest easy knowing America’s favorite fitness pastime lives on at Prospect Park.
Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY –

In the end, finding an outdoor gym in NYC that is right for you is about location, amenities and your personal fitness goals. Not sure where to start? Search the best certified personal trainers in New York City and discover the perfect workout for you.