How to Find the Best Personal Trainer for You

Finding Your Fitness Soulmate

Finding the best personal trainer has been likened to finding your soulmate. There may be a lot of fish in the sea, but not all of them are worth catching. In fact, when it comes to finding the best workout for your body, your fitness level and your goals, personal training is the best way to achieve the results you are looking for. Still, a simple search for “personal trainers near me” will tell you very little about the people behind the name. And even then, you may not know what makes up the best personal trainer for you. So, how do you go about searching for your elusive fitness soulmate and how do you know when you’ve found them?

Personal Training 101

When it comes to personal training, there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Yes, a personal trainer can help you get the best workout possible, but personal training goes beyond showing you how to exercise. Certified personal trainers understand the science behind movement. In fact, an accredited personal training certification program requires a person to learn about anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and how the body’s function improves with movement. When they are appropriately certified, the best personal trainer will understand how your current physical ability, health, goals, and limitations determine the best workout possible. But aside from certification, what goes into finding the best personal trainer?

Finding the best personal trainers near me step 1: Location, location, location

Thinking about personal training like any relationship, long-distance romances are almost always doomed to fizzle out before fading into oblivion. There is a reason why “personal trainers near me” is one of the top Google searches for finding a trainer. If you have to drive across town for personal training, it doesn’t matter if you get the best workout ever once you get there. You will find every reason not to go. Having access to personal training in a location that is convenient for you means you will exercise more often. Which brings us to…

Finding the best personal trainers near me step 2: Think beyond the walls

You’re probably like most people that think personal trainers are only to be found in their natural habitat — the gym. While it is true, most people access personal training within the four walls of their local fitness center, the best personal trainer is one that gives you the best workout anytime, anywhere. If you like being surrounded by a lot of people, a scene where you’ll definitely be seen and maybe have to fight for equipment and space, then you’ll probably want to train at a health club. If you prefer avoiding a scene and want to work out someplace more private and comfortable and convenient for you. If you are the type that would rather have your fitness soulmate come to you, a personal trainer can come to your home and help you get the best workout possible – using equipment they bring and things you already have (think your own bodyweight!).

Finding the best personal trainers near me step 3: Personality matters

You know how you can tell within minutes if you have chemistry with someone? The same thing goes for finding the best personal trainer for you. You may not be able to tell from a person’s picture and bio if you will be fitness soulmates, but you can get a sense for their personality. Scheduling a call with the personal trainer before your first session is a great idea to learn more about the personal trainer and to ensure that you two have shared your expectations and goals. Remember, this is the person that is going to be motivating you when you may want to slack, holding you accountable when you do slack and supporting you every step, rep and stretch of the way. Finding someone you click with is one of the most important factors when picking the best personal trainer.

Finding the best personal trainers near me step 4: Substance + Style = The Best Workout

The key to finding lasting love is to look beyond the pretty face. Personal training is no different. The best personal trainer offers substance-based workouts in a style that is right for you. Most people turn to personal training when they want to get healthier, lose weight, get stronger or achieve a certain look. Personal trainers may mix weight training, functional training and cardiovascular training to give you the best workout to help you achieve your goals. They are well versed in different styles of exercise to target areas of your body to help you achieve any goal – regardless of your current fitness or activity level. . Just getting started? A personal trainer has your back so your back doesn’t give out on you. Of course, it is impossible for personal training to be effective if you don’t know what you want, which leads us to…

Finding the best personal trainers near me step 5: Know what you want from personal training

The best personal trainer crafting the best workout will never yield the results you want if you don’t know what results you are looking for. Spend some time thinking about what you want to achieve in your fitness journey. Is it to feel better? To get off of your blood pressure medicine? Run a 5K? Keep up with your kids or grandkids? Lose those last few pesky pounds? Get stronger and leaner? Try writing down all of your ideas and goals as way to help prioritize and organize. This is a great place to start when first talking to your personal trainer. Whether you want the best workout and nutrition plan to help you get stronger, look better, live longer, be healthier, or manage a chronic condition, the best personal trainer can help you do that.

Your fitness soulmate is out there waiting to give you the best workout of your life. All you have to do is find them. Having a clear-cut idea of what your goals are, working out at a convenient location, and understanding that the best workout for your friend won’t necessarily be the best workout for you will put you ahead of the game.